Data & Metrics

Information is power. Strategic alignment of information and knowledge management services is the key to harnessing that power. Learn how to efficiently and effectively bring internal and external information together to support strategic goals, solve business problems, manage the business and develop new business.

  • Improving Data Quality: organizations that focus on reducing silos and making data actionable across their business open up the doors to innovation AND begin to take the guess work out of decision making. But is your current data correct? Investing in business analytics may be jumping the gun, if your data is corrupt. IMS experts can help you “clean” your data so that it’s ready to feed business analytics and provide REAL insights.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Law firms are increasingly using business intelligence to drive decisions. The challenge in this model lies in getting to exactly the right information in this world of big data and information overload. Throughout every firm are highly qualified information, business development, practice management, and research professionals who each bring a unique perspective to the collection and dissemination of relevant data. Collaboration across these teams will help firms refine the firm’s information and tailor it to answer the questions at hand, and grow the business through informed decision-making.

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