Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) can be extensive, expensive, and a hard sell inside an organization. The IMS team can help you navigate evaluating the business case for DR in your organization, and help your team understand all of your DR solutions, price points, and requirements.

We highly recommend that organizations which have established the need for DR start by ranking their applications by necessity to business operations (ex: e-mail, document management system, etc). From there we can sort those applications into tiers, and focus on designing a phased implementation which is easier to handle both effort-wise and financially. This allows businesses to cover the necessities up front, and then make decisions about additional needs down the line.

How prepared is your organization to deal with a disruptive event? What is your actual Disaster Recover (DR) reality? In spite of your documentation, will your people know how to react in a disaster situation? Disaster events can be as small as flooding that temporarily disables your communications infrastructure, or as large as a high-impact earthquake.

IMS Data Centers & Disaster Recovery solutions offer expertise for collocations, build-outs, and disaster recovery planning including support for the determination and planning of phased implementations.

For more information please contact Austin Wang at awang@integratedmgt.com, or review our array of DR workshops and tabletop exercises: