Technology Management

Technology Management involves the discovery, development, operation and proper use of technology impacting organizational efficiency by delivering a full range of useful services. IMS experts in this area help business leaders create strategies that are aligned with the goals of their business, ensuring that: technology dollars are spent strategically, service agreements are established and monitored for compliance and the IT organization understands risks, has systems and processes in place to minimize risk and is adequately prepared to respond to disasters.

Technology Management covers all materials related to technology infrastructure and IT management including: Application Portfolio Assessment, Audio/Video Conferencing, Budget Review/Optimization, Cloud Utilization, Data Center Planning,  Data Network Operations Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Help Desk Operations Management, Implementation Co-ordination/Management, Internet Usage Optimization, LAN/WAN Planning & Optimization, Operational Improvement, Organization Assessment, Process Improvement, Procurement  Process Management for Hardware, Software & Information, Project Prioritization, Selection & Management, , Security, Software Licensing, Software Development & Maintenance, Telecom Facilities & Operations Management, VOIP, Wireless, and more.

Following are some of our most commonly requested areas of support:

  • Data Centers & Secondary Data Centers: offers expertise for design, vendor selection, solution selection, location planning, and implementation strategies. Decades of continual work in this area have provided IMS experts familiarity and long-term relationships with vendors, vendor pricing, and even specific vendor teams including location-based challenges for each (Boston vs. New York for example). The IMS focus on providing a seamless experience for IT staff AND end users is exemplified in our track record such as this client for whom we did a complete Data Center move over a two day weekend without a single user support call being reported. This area includes but is not limited to: collocation, centralization, build-outs, and disaster recovery.
  • Communications Infrastructure: offers insight, support, guidance and facilitation for communications infrastructure solutions (WAN, LAN, VoIP, Telecommunications, etc). IT experts augment existing technology teams, bringing to your IT team decades of experience in selecting, designing, implementing, and reducing costs for communications projects. IMS experts ensure that a selected solution will be successful within your business environment, including the provision of quality service, for a positive impact on the overall business operations.
  • Application Portfolio Management: helps organizations select, streamline, and manage their portfolio of applications. The Application Portfolio is often one of the most costly (and difficult to control) areas to manage within IT, especially because a good portion of application selection is user-driven. IMS experts can help map applications by function and price (including alternatives) to help you intelligently streamline your portfolio without causing significant user disruption — including considerations such as mobility and mobile access. Application Portfolio reviews include an overview of current usage, related costs, available alternatives, and long-term viability of existing solutions. IMS experts in this area often address document management, records management, email & archiving, intranets, extranets, and desktop virtualization as part of this endeavor.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM): provides IT organizations with a full perspective of IT service management. IT departments are facing an increasing customer service role, especially in service organizations, as the use of technology and applications becomes more integral to the daily operations of normal business. ITSM services include design, implementation, and support for incident management, problem management, event management, change management, knowledge management, release & deployment management, service testing validation, configuration management systems, supplier management, service level management, service catalog management, and availability management.
  • Disruptive Technologies: provides clients with the ability to understand and assess new technologies and make cutting-edge investments without assuming additional risks. IMS experts in this area put considerable effort into establishing the validity of vendor solutions with respect to executing and supporting enterprise-level solutions. When examining where to spend technology dollars to support the following several years of business operations, Disruptive Technologies experts can help clients better understand when to spend and when to wait. An example from recent years would be the rise of eDiscovery in the legal industry, especially when the technology was still relatively new.

To request more information or to inquire about the complimentary study, e-mail you looking to slim down your portfolio of applications? IMS will conduct a free high-level portfolio review, including preliminary options and insights. The purpose of the IMS Application Portfolio Management complimentary assessment is for IMS experts to gain a detailed understanding of our client’s applications environment, in order to develop an overall assessment of application usage and expenditures. By reviewing the organization’s agreements, usage, and trends, IMS experts can provide you with an outline of options and insights.

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