Rafael Reisz

Rafael Reisz joined IMS as a senior consultant bringing over twenty years of program management experience and expertise in IT architecture, governance, methodologies, and operations. He has designed and developed tools and processes that align technology with business objectives across cultures, markets, and technologies. Mr. Reisz has delivered enterprise-wide and integrated mission critical solutions to a range of industries including management consulting, product innovation, higher education, biopharmaceutical, insurance, forensic accounting, and turnaround management.

Mr. Reisz works with in-house counsel, with law firms, with financial consultants, and with technical staff to deliver a broad range of legal support and information technology solutions. His focus on solution delivery combines management best practices and technical skills with client requirements to provide effective and timely response to dynamic and complex legal demands.

Mr. Reisz is the founder and principal of RAFINCO and has held program management and IT leadership positions at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Dehon Inc., and Boston University.

Professional Experience

Education & Associations

    • M.A., Philosophy, 1975, University of Iowa
    • B.A., Philosophy, 1972, Pennsylvania State University
    • B.S., Psychology 1972 (Experimental and Industrial), Pennsylvania State University
    • Mr. Reisz has taken and taught computer science courses at Boston University. He has attended numerous Arthur D. Little sponsored management seminars including TQM, Management Communication, and QA.
    • Mr. Reisz is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association

Areas of Expertise

    • Electronic Discovery
    • Business Systems & Rules Analysis
    • Technical Implications of Legal Action
    • Litigation Database Design & Development
    • Analytical & Reporting Services
    • Data Control
    • Technical Infrastructure
    • Project Management
    • Acquisition and IP Transfers
    • Integrated Product Development Management
    • Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)
    • IPO Preparation
    • Business Intelligence (Including ERP)
    • Knowledge Exploitation Systems (Including CRM)
    • Business Life Cycle and Business Development Information System
    • Financial Transaction Processing and Management System