Carl Abramson

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.18.57 PMCarl Abramson as President of the Malvern Group has been providing HIPAA compliance consulting services to covered entities and business associates since January 2000 & is committed to providing a high return on your investment through delivery of superior quality business-process-focused services and tools.

Their use of business process analysis enables the identification of opportunities for process improvement and document compliance and operational risks inherent in the day-to-day practices of covered entities and business associate clients, and to help implement procedures and documentation practices that eliminate those risks going forward.

We help clients achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA and HITECH rules based on their:

  • Experience
  • Understanding of compliance requirements
  • Collaborative approach
  • Focus on process and procedures
  • Attention to detail

Our combined highly motivated and experienced team of business-process-oriented IT professionals excel at translating regulatory requirements into clear policies and efficient and effective procedures.

They maximize project results and minimize investment of time and expense by utilizing years of experience, knowledge and insight about HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations, the healthcare business, and information technology.

They have the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to help you make your process improvement and compliance projects successful.

They are compliance tool developers, and use their robust proprietary tools in their own consulting services as well as license them for client use.

Whether you are planning for compliance or want to validate your compliance efforts, or you want to achieve more efficient and effective operations, MalvernGroup can help you meet your goals.

MalvernGroup clients include:

  • Public and private managed care organizations
  • Healthcare billing and collection businesses
  • Academic medical centers
  • Multi-facility integrated healthcare systems
  • Community hospitals
  • Physician practices
  • Long-term care hospitals
  • Healthcare factoring businesses