The IMS Project Process

A key element of The IMS Experience is the uniquely defined and flexibly executed project process. This multi-dimensional process has evolved from real experiences conducting work for clients for more than 20 years.

The IMS project begins by identifying and defining key subject matter areas and focus.

  • Environment: The internal customers, suppliers/vendors and external market forces
  • Organization: The personnel’s background, experience, management structure and workflow dynamics
  • Operations: The processes used to complete a task from input through processing to output
  • Infrastructure: The systems, materials, equipment, technology and applications used to support the business

Depending on the magnitude and scope of the project, IMS approaches engagements according to three different perspectives.

    • Strategic: This is a high level, 80/20 approach to understanding a client’s environment, providing a comparative analysis of options and a strategic roadmap for directions to take going forward.
    • Project: This is a detailed level, 99% comprehensive, 99% accurate approach to documenting the environment, establishing requirements, design and budgetary options that can be selected and crafted into specific agreements and action plans that can be executed directly
    • Implementation: This is a direct project management level resource support to implement a specific project plan


The IMS process applies a series of six steps that is initiated with project kickoff and proceeds through the finalization of the project and transition monitoring.