Industry Newsletters

IMS is committed to providing our clients value, ease of experience, and practical solutions. IMS strongly believes that this transparency, and our best work starts with informed clients.

We believe that our work with clients starts long before we ever meet — that the ground work lies in helping you find new concepts, starting points, and resources for your endeavors. Newsletters are one of the ways we seek to provide that information and one of the ways we hope to help organizations align around new initiatives and ideas.

The Evolving Business of Law Newsletter:

August 2013

  • The Fallacy of Merger Math
  • Not so fast, in-house counsel, you’ve also got some work to do!
  • Webinar-The Flip Side of Dashboard Reports: How Clients Perceive What You Measure

July 2013

  • Necessity as the Driver of Innovation
  • 10 Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO
  • Webinar- Building a Legal Project Management Team, Recruiting the Right People

July 2012

  • Business Intelligence for Law Firms
  • Intuitive Comprehension
  • The Social Intelligence of Social Media
  • “Houston, We Have a Problem”
  • Leveraging Market Insight
  • “I’ll Know It When I See It”
  • How Business Intelligent is Your Firm?

Information Management Newsletter:

April 2013

  • Information & Collaboration
  • Mitigating Economic Risk
  • ABA Techshow Recap: April 4-6
  • Building Your Collaboration Model

December 2012

  • “The Process of Becoming”: The Future of Information Professionals
  • Information Management Evolution 2013
  • Infographics: Metrics & Collaboration
  • Management Metrics–Strangers to Law Firms
  • “Information is Food” TED Talk

August 2012

  • The Evolution of the Law Firm Library
  • Save the Date: IMS Information Management Conference- NYC April ’13
  • An Infographic… On Making Infographics!
  • Proactive Research Services: Opening the Door to an Expanded Role
  • “Study Like a Scholar, Scholar”
  • Join the Discussion on LinkedIn
  • Librarians: the First Data Scientist

April 2012

  • Library and Information Services
  • 10 Tips for Building Library Value
  • A Library Service Management Model
  • Training the Google Generation
  • iPad Applications for Legal Research

February 2012

  • LegalTech NY 2012 Overview
  • LegalTech Video Interviews and Highlights
  • Best New Metrics Model
  • The Cloud Conundrum
  • LegalTech Daily Recap
  • Coolest New Product
  • The Hacker Culture
  • eDISCOVERY Advances of 2011