The IMS Approach

IMS is committed to providing our clients value, ease of experience and practical solutions with the ultimate objective of “helping those responsible achieve more”.

As part of this commitment IMS provides upfront transparency in the quality and cost of services, as well as providing realistic expectations for results and outcomes.

The IMS commitment to providing results and value is reflected in the three-track approach to knowledge transfer & service delivery:

  • KNOW MORE: IMS workshops, white papers and mentoring engagements build awareness, facilitate buy-in, and accelerate adoption of concepts, skills and practices. IMS workshops range from broad executive overviews to step-by-step training that reflect the business’s needs and objectives. Mentoring sessions deliver expertise-in-context to accelerate benefits where and when they matter most.

  • IMPROVE NOW: These short engagements focus on assessments regarding the state of business, industry, and current market demand. These assessments are strategic-level projects that focus on leadership within an organization, analysis of existing organizational structure and operations, and review of internal and external market information to understand client profitability and better prospect identification.

  • TRANSFORM: IMS expert teams work closely with leadership and operational teams within an organization to define and deliver chartered projects. These projects target specific benefits such as organizational readiness, proof-of-concept, service delivery, market expansion, and prospect identification, as well as client communication and satisfaction improvement.