The IMS Engagement Process

Before a project is kicked off, IMS develops a full understanding of the client and their needs through a formally recognized engagement process. With this process IMS is able to establish client contacts, exchange perspectives, understand client expectations, develop a mutual scope of work, provide tangible illustrations of IMS expertise and coordinate appropriately to move forward with a project kickoff.


A connection has been created between IMS and the client through an introduction, referral, meeting, call or other venue.

    • Initial Introductory Calls
    • Initial Introductory Meetings

A specific opportunity for collaboration is identified with the client.

    • Prospect Call
    • Prospect Lunch,Meeting or Interaction

The opportunity for collaboration is more formally stated and the client is introduced to additional team members or subject matter expert(s).

    • Understanding the Scope of the Opportunity
    • Understanding Client Expectations
    • Written Summary of the Opportunity, Scope, Need and Client Expectations.

An Approach Document (Proposal or Statement of Work) is submitted to the client. A review is scheduled with the client to facilitate the capture of any additional expectations, requirements or factors.

Additional subject matter experts may be introduced at this time to adress subject specific project questions.

    • Proposal or Statement of Work is Submitted to the Client
    • Approach Review is Conducted
    • Revision of the Proposal or Statement of Work

The revised Proposal or Statement of Work is submitted to the client.

During this period IMS follows up with the client to illustrate resource expertise, demonstrate deliverables and provide client references.

IMS also seeks to identify and address any lagging issues or concerns that the client may have.

    • Deliverables Demonstration
    • Resource Demonstration
    • Reference Demonstration
    • Formal Proposal and/or Charter

In this stage IMS collaborates with the client to finalize the terms and conditions of an engagement agreement.

    • Final Review Occurs
    • Agreement is Finalized