Business Development & Marketing

Grow profitably. Learn the basics of reaping more from your company’s marketing investments and of how those efforts can better support innovation, product and business development real-time. Combine data, client relationships, and innovative approaches to improve business development in your organization. IMS Experts help businesses increase their visibility, experience better interactions with their client base, and strategically allocate resources based on client appetites, in order to realize the most value out of their business development investments.

Client Appetites: In today’s world of perpetually tight budgets, clients are increasingly demanding of the services they employ, oftentimes causing friction with the firms with whom they are working. Your organization should be prepared to interact positively with client expectations, build successful partnerships, and efficiently utilize customer feedback. IMS “client appetite” market studies provide your business with the intelligence you need to manage, maintain, and grow your client base. Read more

Specific Analysis-Based Deliverables:

  •  High Potential Market IdentificationEvery business must decide how to effectively identify high potential market segments.  This deliverable provides potential sales dollars and prospect profiles by industry for high, medium and low potential prospects.  This would enable clients to develop and match advertising/marketing and sales programs to the potential in each identified segment.
  • Prospect identification:  Once high potential markets are identified, businesses must decide how to efficiently identify and locate high potential prospects for its products & services.  With the cost of a single sales call in excess of $500, these companies have a strong interest in techniques that will eliminate costly unproductive prospecting calls.  As part of this deliverable, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and sales potential of prospects are provided.
  • Lead Generation Program:  In addition to designing lead generation and management systems, other software capabilities could be developed to: help design direct mail programs, order direct mail labels, compute the cost of direct mail/telemarketing programs to prospects, measure response rates and send sales leads worksheets to sales personnel.
  • Lead Tracking and Analysis: (Manage Prospect to Customer Information Conversion)  As sales activities take place and selected leads become new customers, prospect specific data must be transferred from the prospect file to customer file to enable  analysis of these new customers describing the metrics related to the initial order and related metrics including reorder activity, profitability analysis, etc.
  • Sales/marketing Productivity Audit: This audit pinpoints inefficiencies in the advertising/marketing/sales process by utilizing average costs per call.
  • Customer Analysis Program: This deliverable ranks accounts in order of their profitability and growth history enabling the determination of which factors characterize the most profitable accounts as well as identifying those with additional high sales potential. 
  • Development of Integrated Advertising/Marketing/Sales Program:  Next, the prospect universe needs to be profiled to determine the most appropriate means of advertising, marketing and selling into each segment.  This process includes market segmentation, assessment of market potential, market planning and strategic planning analysis.
  • Lead Generation Program Design: Campaigns are designed to communicate to qualified prospects (i.e., most cost effective) to receive direct mail including frequency of repeat mailings, appropriate response incentives and degree of follow-up required.
  • Tracking and Analysis:  Tracking the effectiveness of the integrated advertising/marketing programs is the most important part of the entire process for the client.  This process will help determine the revenue and cost profile for each new account produced, the revenue and cost profile for each component of the integrated advertising/marketing program as well as the revenue and cost profile of the overall integrated advertising/marketing program.

      Consulting Support:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Customer Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Application Knowledge:  This activity includes educating the client on how to use marketing intelligence to make better business decisions.  Particular areas of application knowledge include:
    • Knowledge of Industry Trends
    • Knowledge of buyer preferences
    • Knowledge of the differences between buyers & non-buyers
    • Knowledge of effective and cost efficient advertising/marketing programs matched to market potential
    • Knowledge of effective direct marketing techniques
    • Knowledge of measurement methodology
  • System Development Consulting:  Having completed various phases of strategic assessment and development, the IMS team can then proceed to develop marketing application systems for the client that can include:
    • Prospect Identification
    • Lead Generation Program Design
    • Sales Call Reporting System
    • Business Results Reporting & Assessment