Case Studies

Results count. The case studies below provide a sampling of the recent results achieved for IMS clients. If you are looking for more information, or would like to see additional case studies, send a direct request via e-mail to John Haselmann (Managing Partner).

    “IMS dedication to a uniquely developed plan through attention to detail and relationships has provided this firm with an expedient recovery roadmap and a platform for on-going BCP planning…” click here to read more
    “The move had the potential to impact all business functions, but with the support and execution of the project team, the Client experienced no service interruption…” click here to read more.
    “IMS executed a structured process to determine the short-term and long-term cost reduction opportunities that existed and the magnitude of the savings that could be obtained…” click here to read more
    “IMS comparison of service metrics and customer satisfaction before and after the adoption of ITIL benchmarks have resulted in a vast improvement in service quality and efficiency…” click here to read more
  • TCOM Peer Review Case Study
    “After 20 hours of billable work, the final recommendations saved the organization 40% of the original costs offered in the original vendor proposal…” click here to read more
  • Disaster Recovery Case Study
    “The client’s data center move was defined by its 100% transparency. IMS enabled the process of the move to be so seamless that the client’s users did not notice a change…” click here to read more

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