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Integrated Management Services (IMS) is a leading national management consulting firm, founded in 1989 with a vision to help our clients see new opportunities and make improvements in performance and technology. IMS provides high quality services that have sustainable benefit to our clients in legal, healthcare and corporate organizations worldwide. IMS experts are selected for their cultural values such as service delivery, accountability, and integrity. These values make for good experts, but our dedication to presenting information accurately while crafting win-win solutions is what makes IMS a team of extraordinary consultants.

Business Development

Business Development is an essential & critically important business activity that is somewhat misunderstood.  Business Development is not Sales nor is it Marketing. Business Development is the creation of a strategy that preferably identifies an opportunity for attaining long-term, sustainable value, e.g., profitable revenue, for a business from its customers & prospects.

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Cost Mgmt/Reduction

Effective Cost Management directly impacts bottom line profitability. The most profitable business generally have implemented ”best practices” for controlling costs including policies, procedures & processes with appropriate levels of governance and include comparative assessments to evaluate alternatives.

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Process Improvement

A process is defined as something with an input, a change agent and an output. Many things in life can be described as a process for example, the human body, a city, an electrical circuit, a chemical reaction, manufacturing, conflict checking, business development, logistics, etc.

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Technology Management

Technology Management is defined as the integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of a wide range of complex technological products &/or services as well as related processes.  Essential is an understanding of the value of technology to an organization in order to be able to determine when to invest in a new technology or when not to.

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